San Frediano Hostel in Lucca

One hundred and forty beds distributed in twenty multiple rooms and eight mini-apartments for families. Elegant reception, rooms for catering, meetings and TV shows, private laundry services.

Prestigious flap of a building for where historical and architectural events passed like a river in flood. Tangle of styles, daring interventions, desolating abandonments and reconstructions. Regular geometries of doors and windows inspired by classical motifs.
Among the shadows of the cloisters, religious students of the past seem to win the silence to relive a second season. The guests of this hostel are pleased to discover their mysteries and to be guided by their seductions. The trees of the walls, the roofs and the towers catch the eye. Their presence allows rest and stimulates the imagination. It encourages contemplation but also invites you to go back down the ancient stairs to get a close look at the face of Lucca.

City captive of its walls, made friendly by the green and the fragrant curtains on which you can walk and contemplate the outburst of those who practice them freely, without car concerns. A city with streets without sidewalks where churches, bell towers, houses, towers and palaces stir in the sky, clasping the blue between the roofs. Here there is no competition between buildings of different eras and beauties, as part of a single monument that embraces them and protects them. This "invitation to the city", which the position of the hostel favors in an unusual way, extends to many other lands due to the centrality and the proximity of Lucca to the Tuscan sisters. At the same time he exhorts to visit the alpine and turreted Garfagnana, Barga and Castelvecchio where Giovanni Pascoli lived, the baths of Bagni di Lucca, the Gypsum Figurine and Emigration Museum in Coreglia Antelminelli, the Media Valle del Serchio with Borgo a Mozzano and the fabulous bridges of the Chains and the Devil, Celle di Pescaglia with the home of the ancestors of Giacomo Puccini, and the Museo del Castagno in Colognora. And like precious gems, invites you to discover the Villas that surround the city, Viareggio, Camaiore, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, the sea of ​​Versilia, the lake of Massaciuccoli that inspired so much music to Puccini, the Apuani mountains, white marble .